Bibliographic and research data, abstracts and indexes

We provide access to a large amount of information on research articles, books, DVDs and other media via our library catalogue, Autism Data. This system gives the bibliographic details of the books and articles within it, but does not provide access to the full text. However, section 38 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 allows us to provide you with photocopies of material from our library holdings if you are using it for:

  • Research or private study
  • Non-commercial purposes.


Autism Data can create a bibliography for you. Each record on the database indicates clearly in the Availability field whether or not it is available from the Information Centre. You can order a photocopy of any title where it states that it is available from the NAS Information Centre. Please contact us by email at We will send you a copyright declaration/order form.

We are required by copyright law to charge a fee for this service.

Once you have printed the form, signed the copyright declaration and sent it back to us along with payment, we can provide you with:

  • One chapter from a book 
  • One article from any one issue of a  magazine/journal/periodical
  • One entire case from a published law report 
  • One poem in an anthology
  • Or up to 5% of the publication, if greater than above.

When you re-use material from this website or any material we have photocopied for you, to copy any part of a work or quote from it, you must:

  • Use quotation marks
  • Give the source of each quotation correctly.