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Transforming lives and changing attitudes, a member of our staff

About us

We’ve been transforming lives, changing attitudes and creating a society that works for autistic people since 1962.
10 Downing Street

Autism strategy to be extended to children

The Government has announced plans to introduce an updated autism strategy.

Anne Hegerty in the jungle

5 Reasons why Anne is the real winner of 'I’m a Celebrity'

Anne Hegerty may have left the jungle but she's still a winner to us!
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Alarming rise in autistic people in mental health hospitals

We set out what needs to change. Please sign the petition.
Conference attendees

Co-occurring conditions conference

Exploring autism and other conditions. i.e. ADHD, epilepsy, sleep trouble and more.  

Night walks

Spectrum Night Walks

Join us in our masses on a sponsored walk in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Belfast or Glasgow. 
Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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