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The best education for your child

Radlett Lodge School welcomes children on the autism spectrum from the ages of 4 to 19. We are really pleased to offer early years provision because early intervention can make a huge difference. Whatever age your child is when they join us, we look at them as an individual and design a curriculum and timetable that suits their needs, interests and skills.

We begin by teaching your child how to learn, which might include learning to sit, pay attention, wait, and take turns. With this foundation, your child can gain social skills, understand their autism, look at anger management, and build self esteem, as well as learn academic, vocational and life skills.

Our therapists play an extremely important role in planning your child’s learning. For example, we design our teaching according to your child’s sensory strengths, and plan activities and approaches to help them to develop all their senses, perhaps through messy play or desensitisation work.

Our curriculum

All our pupils follow a differentiated National Curriculum, with a strong emphasis on communication and PSHCE in all lessons. From age 4 to age 16, we teach all subjects including: literacy, numeracy, science, history, geography, ICT, RE, PE, and a range of arts. Post-16, each student’s curriculum is completely individual. There’s more information about our post-16 department online.

Our curriculum is extremely flexible. Your child will learn at a level and pace to suit them, and they will be in a class alongside pupils of similar abilities. 

We hold a cultural day each term, and in summer we have a theme week: last summer we learnt about the Romans and found out about their food and clothes and visited the Roman theatre in St Albans. 

Your child will do a great deal of learning in the community, getting used to interacting with a wide range of people, and experiencing lots of different places and activities. Visit our local community web pages to find out more. 

Whatever your child is learning, you can be confident that it is thoroughly planned, assessed and supported by MyProgress®, which is what we call our powerful range of approaches. You can find out more about MyProgress® online.

"We understand all the approaches that are available, and apply what’s best for each child."



The shape of our day

Our day is highly structured, so at every point your child knows where they have to be, what they are doing, how much they have to do, when they will finish, and what they will do next.

Your child has their own timetable, using objects, symbols or words, so that they can see the shape of their day. Every task or activity they do will be clearly structured and explained. The school rules are clear and simple, so every child can understand what to expect.

Your child stays with the same group and teacher throughout the day. Children are generally grouped by year, but also by communication, social interaction and intellectual level.

We always keep you up to date, and your child’s teacher will update you daily using the home communication book that outlines what has been happening in class and tells you about your child’s activities and successes.  

"My children are so happy – they run into the class with such big smiles on their faces. They’re so excited to be in school – they can’t wait for their bus to come in the morning."

Class Teacher 

"I love Radlett - I even love Maths!"


MyProgress® at Radlett Lodge School

Our school uses MyProgress®, The National Autistic Society’s programme for working with autistic children. For your child, MyProgress® means that from the day we meet them to the day they leave our school, their learning will be completely tailored to their needs. With MyProgress®, we will assess your child regularly, plan the approaches and strategies that will work best for them, deliver them and monitor your child’s progress. We are systematic and thorough, and above all, we work with you and your child to create the best education for them as an individual.

Download the NAS' curriculum policy






“I like Radlett Lodge because the teachers are helpful.  The school is organised and very education.  The educational trips are fun and easy to learn with.” 

Post 16


“Our approach to teaching and learning is individualised based on the needs of the pupils.  Teachers and support staff are adept at getting to know their pupils and creating a learning environment that is geared towards an individual’s specific needs.  Which of course, leads to lessons that are fun and engaging for the pupils.”

Lead Teacher