Student using hub


Our Learning Environment

Helen Allison School is on two sites a few miles apart in North Kent. Our primary and secondary provision is in the large village of Meopham on the top of the North Downs. Our education Hub is located in the village of Longfield.

Helen Allison School in Meopham

The size and design of our school in Meopham makes it a friendly and reassuring place to be, and students move freely and confidently around the buildings and playgrounds. Our primary and secondary classes are on separate corridors, but we encourage students to mix during assembly, breaks, mentoring, and activity time. Your child will feel part of a strong and supportive community, whatever age they are when they join us. Most classes have an attached one-to-one room for when a child needs time apart, and there are additional one-to-one rooms for children who regularly need time and space to themselves. The secondary classes open onto the main playground so if your child becomes anxious in class they can ask to go outside to relax.

Our large hall brings everyone together for morning activity time, assembly and Friday afternoon game club. Classes also use it for PE and drama. Your child will eat with the other students in our dining room, and learn to choose their menu, try new foods, and clear up at the end of lunch. As well as the classrooms, we have a music/food technology room. We have WiFi and use iPads extensively throughout the school. Our sensory rooms are designed for therapy and relaxation, and we also have a social communication and therapy swing zone for therapy sessions.

Outside, the school is surrounded by open country. Within our enclosed grounds, we have a small field and two playgrounds with space to run around and play alone or with others. There are climbing frames, swings and spinning equipment, and outdoor table tennis and table football. The students have developed some of our grounds as a conservation area, and we use this as an outdoor classroom and quiet space. 

Helen Allison School in Longfield

Our Hub is located in Longfield. The centre has a range of classrooms, an art room and outside recreation area. Students spend parts of the week in the centre, and the other part learning in the community or on work experience. Students also have access to Hall Place and Hadlow College, where they engage in land-based qualifications.