Collage images of Tyler and Annabella from the Thurrock branch Our Thurrock branch proudly presented two of their younger members with bravery certificates recently.

Tyler aged 5, along with his sister Annabella age 3, who are both autistic called their mum Charley-Anne an ambulance after she had fallen unconscious at home. Tyler, who made the call, spoke to the emergency services; he told them they needed to come to help mummy and gave the call centre staff their full address. 

He said to them:

Maybe she’s dead because of a poisoned apple from the ugly old witch

He remained calm and following instructions from the call handler, Tyler took his sister and went to get their neighbour who then waited with them all until the ambulance arrived. Annabella gave Charley-Anne kisses and held her hand until the paramedics arrived. 

Charley-Anne said she "couldn’t be prouder" of her children. 

"The paramedics were fantastic and I am so grateful to have this service and for all the work these guys do. They helped on a bad day for me but were great with my very special children."

The Thurrock branch felt this act should be recognised as it’s a fantastic feat for any 5-year-old. Some children may not have even recognised the severity of the situation, let alone known what to do. Many autistic children find it very hard to communicate with people they know, let alone picking up the phone and talking to strangers. 

Charley-Anne added: "Tyler finds is very hard socially and struggles to maintain conversation. He is currently being seen by a speech therapist, who works with Tyler to help him understand social cues and to develop conversation skills. Coming along to the National Autistic Society’s Thurrock branch activities has really helped Tyler develop relationships with others his own age and the volunteers here, and has also really helped with his confidence." 

We all think Tyler really is an exceptional young man, he handled the situation brilliantly and looked after not just his mum but also Annabella. A huge well done to him and Annabella.