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Pinecroft House


C* is a resident at our Pinecroft home. He first joined us in 2017, having lived at another nearby service. C is a friendly, positive man who enjoys spending time with his family. He takes part in a range of activities at Pinecroft, including cooking, watching films and visiting the zoo.

Although C is generally sociable, he can struggle to interact with his peers. He often becomes anxious when presented with too many choices and this occasionally results in verbal aggression. His understanding of social rules is fairly limited and he can sometimes make rude or sexual jokes which others do not find funny. He has worked with a sexuality and relationships worker on developing his social awareness. Since then, his behaviour has improved.

C is a talented cook and enjoys preparing home-made meals. He first discovered his love of cooking through a local course, which his family and our staff members encouraged him to take part in. C was initially tentative about trying something new. As part of a plan to help him manage his anxiety and to provide moral support, C was accompanied for the first few sessions - first by his mother, and then a staff member. He eventually progressed to attending the course alone, which was a huge achievement.

C's success in the kitchen has inspired him to pursue other opportunities and he now volunteers at a charity shop. Through these experiences and through working with our staff, he has been able to develop new skills and make friends, despite his initial anxiety. As well as meeting new people, C has also made friends of a fluffier kind in his role as a dog walker and a cat cuddler at the animal sanctuary!

Since arriving at Pinecroft, C has certainly grown in confidence. His current goals include learning to drive, getting a job, and finding a partner. We hope that, with our support, he can develop his new-found skills and work towards a more independent future.

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* C is a pseudonym.