To contact us about our paid for adult and community services, as well as our current  Adult residential placements, please complete this form. 
Your enquiry will go through to the national referral team who handle all enquiries and referrals for our paid for adult services who will get back to you within 2-3 working days. 

If you are looking for advice regarding autism and Asperger syndrome, support options available, what local services are available including other organisations, benefits etc. please contact our Helpline or find answers online. Our helpline team are trained to provide impartial, confidential information and expert advice and support to autistic people, their families and carers. 

Or use the following links if you would like to enquire about our other services such as schools and branches or if you would like to enquire about our Diagnostic Services
PLEASE NOTE: The national referral team will ONLY respond to enquiries relating to our paid for adult services; other types of enquiries will be forwarded to the relevant team where response times may vary.