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Our one-to-one support in the community gives flexible support to autistic adults and their families.

Each person's support package is individually tailored to their needs. Possible activities include:

Please note that we are currently only accepting referrals for 25 hours or more.

  • goal setting
  • safety strategies
  • maintaining relationships with family and friends
  • participating in the community
  • going shopping
  • attending college or university
  • accessing health care and leisure facilities
  • support with independent living
  • learning household management skills
  • developing social skills.

Person-centred support

All the support we provide is carefully planned with the autistic person to meet their own needs, goals and interests. We put together a package of support that helps the person to live life to the full, develop their skills, and build their confidence and independence.

Our team

All our staff have autism-specific training and put the autistic person at the centre of the work they do. They use approaches designed to help people with autism including
TEACCH and PECS. We give our staff ongoing management support and supervision.

How to access our support

You can pay for our one-to-one support in a number of ways. For more information, visit our benefits and care page.

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