Photo: gardening 

At Heath Rise we support autistic adults to live full and independent lives. Our community housing scheme consists of a five-bedroom, privately-owned house, in the Gleneagles area of Wellingborough. The house is within easy walking distance of the town centre and local bus routes provide access to other nearby towns.

Heath Rise supports autistic adults between the ages of 18 and 40 years. Our committed team of six staff, including a residential manager, provide support and structure for an independent living environment. Staff have experience of supporting adults with complex needs and are supported by a network of outside professionals who work alongside them to ensure each person living at Heath Rise receives the best possible support.

The rooms at Heath Rise are spacious, allowing the people who live here to have their own personal space as well as access to various communal rooms. Everyone who lives here has their own keys to the front door and their bedroom.

It's a nice big house and I like living here.

Heath Rise resident

The people living at Heath Rise take an active part in maintaining its pleasant garden, and have created their own vegetable patch.

Each person living at Heath Rise is supported by their key worker and co-key worker and we encourage them to engage in a range of activities throughout the week. These activities are tailored to their specific needs through a detailed, person-centred plan. They could include taking classes at the local college, gardening at the local county park and working at the local Tesco store.