If you asked any staff member at Mainwaring Terrace what they thought of Philip, they’d say he was a ‘bundle of laughs’, a ‘pleasure to be around’ and that he ‘has staff queuing up to work with him’. If you asked Philip what was the number one single on the day you were born, for example, he’d be more than happy to tell you.

When he first moved to the specialist residential service, however, his complex behaviours prevented him from experiencing activities that would help him build independence, something he desperately wanted to do. He would refuse to speak to anyone who didn’t speak in the third person, and required a high level of support all the time. 

The behaviours he was showing were his way of expressing his sensitivities and letting staff know he wasn’t happy. It was clear he would be much happier, and less anxious, if he lived in a space of his own.

That’s when staff at Mainwaring Terrace made the decision to adapt his environment to reflect that of a supported living model – he lives in his own flat, with his own bathroom and support staff, but still shares the spacious garden and other communal spaces with the other adults living there. 

The impact of recognising what Philip knew would make him happier and give him more choice over his life has been huge.

– Freya, registered Manager at Mainwaring Terrace 

Now that he can enjoy his own space and independence where he lives, he is able to maintain relationships with the others living there on his own terms – he regularly comes over to visit John, his closest friend who also lives at Mainwaring Terrace, asking to hang out at home or go to the cinema together.

His health has improved as a result of being more active in his home environment and in the community. He also does all the daily and weekly tasks he couldn’t do before, from laundry to his weekly shop, and managing his own budget.  

Philip loves to sing. Now, he enjoys taking part in the events put on by the service, and recently penned his own song about his life, with support worker Kevin, and sang it at a staff member’s leaving party. He also loves keeping up with all the Manchester United games with his new Sky subscription.

The team are currently in the process of cementing the supported living model for Philip and are finding him a private social care landlord to rent to him so he can officially become a tenant. He’s specifically said he wants to stay in Manchester rather than move back to Bradford, which demonstrates how his stay at Mainwaring Terrace has so significantly helped him to feel happy and integrated into his community.