Business and Office Manager

I am the business manager for the Lorna Wing Centre (LWC), supporting the management and development of the LWC for all aspects of business and operations. First point of contact for all training and clinical enquiries to the Centre. Responsibility for the administration management of the service, including financial, HR, and ancillary management, organisation and coordination of the Professional Team working at the LWC: both NAS staff and consultants.

I have worked with the NAS Lorna Wing Centre for over six years, and in the capacity of Administrator for five years.

I was initially employed as a part-time administrator and dealt with the administration of DISCO training. My role developed over the years and I was appointed to Business Manager for the Centre.

Previously I worked for a local autistic trust providing administrative support for the chief executive, and in adult and children services for two and a half years. Previously, I worked in the NHS for around 12 years. I worked in various departments as an administrator and my last role I worked on the Agenda for Change project, HR coordinator.