Specialist Educational Psychologist

Dr Sue Sheppard is a Chartered Senior Educational Psychologist (EP) who has developed a specialism in the field of autism spectrum disorders and successfully completed related doctoral research. She has worked part-time at the Centre since 1996. Her work there includes in-depth specialist diagnostic assessments and she contributes to the design and delivery of training courses run at the Centre.

Dr Sheppard has also worked as a specialist within a number of local authority settings. She currently combines her role at the Centre with a specialist EP post in a London Borough.

Over the years Dr Sheppard has been instrumental in setting up a range of educational provisions for pupils with autism spectrum disorders and she has also supported specialist outreach support services. She has worked in partnership with a range of voluntary agencies, universities and statutory bodies offering consultancy and training. Her initial involvement in the field of autism started in the 1980s when she was teaching children with special needs. Her current interests relate to neuropsychological aspects of autism spectrum disorders, developmental pathways, broader family needs and in systems of support for young adults.