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Who we are

The National Autistic Society Centres provide personalised services to meet the specific needs of each individual that we support; like Elysia, who has attended a weekly social skills session at our Lancashire Centre since 2016. 

Through an enjoyable, effective and meaningful range of services, we encourage autistic adults to learn new skills and become as independent as possible. We provide services seven days a week at times designed to maximise the opportunity for autistic adults to attend.

Using the SPELL framework, our Centres provide support which aims to reduce the barriers that social communication, social interaction, social imagination and sensory difficulties can have on the lives of autistic adults.

The National Autistic Society’s SPELL framework focuses on five principles (structure, positive, empathy, low arousal and links) that have been identified as vital elements of best practice in autism which emphasises ways to change the environment and our approaches to meet the specific needs of each individual.

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What we offer

Our Centres offer the following services*:

Breakfast Club, Monday – Friday

The Breakfast Club is a service enabling family members or carers to bring individuals into the Centre on their way to work. Breakfast Club staff support each individual to make their own breakfast and sit to eat together in a friendly and reassuring environment. This service is particularly beneficial to individuals who need time to transition into the Modular Learning Programme.

Modular Learning Programme, Monday – Friday

The Modular Learning Programme is an outcome-led service designed to meet the specific development needs of each individual. A Personalised Outcome Plan is developed and used alongside Support Plans to identify specific modules best suited to the individual in working towards and achieving their personal outcomes.

Supper Club, Monday – Friday

Our Centres provide a Supper Club where individuals are supported to make a light meal and sit together to eat in a friendly and sociable environment.

Evening Groups, Monday – Friday

Groups can be accessed regularly or as a one-off, according to the needs of the individual. Evening groups consist of a meet and greet followed by a group activity; the content of which is decided by the individuals accessing the group. A 20 minute break in the middle of the activity provides an opportunity for socialising and time is set aside at the end of the evening to give feedback.

1:1 Support Sessions, throughout Centre opening hours

These sessions are booked in advance with a brief description of the area of need. Centres will then ensure a staff member with the relevant knowledge and experience is available for the session. 1:1 Support Sessions can be booked in either one or two hour slots, at a time best suited for the individual and can be either a one-off or a regular occurrence.

Weekend Day Experiences

Centres provide Weekend Day Experiences where individuals have the opportunity to go on day trips and experience a wide variety of environments and themes.

* Subject to demand; please contact specific services for further details including Centre’s opening hours.

Where we are

You can find our Centres in:

Cardiff (Ty Ddraig) and Cardiff (Ty Yfory)
Greater London (Acton)
Greater London (Ladbroke Grove)
Greater London (Mansfield Place)
Greater London (Pathways) 
Greater Manchester (Anglo House)
Greater Manchester (Victoria Road)
Kent (Artrack)
Kent (Sand)
Neath Port Talbot (Glamorgan)
Neath Port Talbot (Lonlas)
Newport (Belin)
Newport (New Ground)
Newport (St Marks)
North Somerset
Surrey (Birch House)
Surrey (Old Mill)

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