Listing of contacts for our current local befriending and mentoring schemes.


E-befriending is a way of providing online social contact and companionship for people aged 12 and over.

If you or a member of your family is on the autism spectrum and is aged 12+ years, then an e-befriender can provide you with regular online support and social contact. The service is available throughout the United Kingdom (UK). Our volunteer e-befrienders exchange emails with you or another member of your family, chatting about things that interest or concern you and offering a friendly, supportive link with the wider community. We take the time to match you with an e-befriender you have something in common with. The E-Befriending Service is particularly useful when an individual lives somewhere remote and is otherwise unable to access other services.
E-befriending Manager
Tel: 0207 903 3752 M: 0758 420 7065