Our training courses aim to help you support clients with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) more effectively.

Many employment services work with people with a range of needs and may lack the specialist knowledge to support those with an ASD effectively. This often leads to frustration and a lack of progress for all parties. Our courses aim to bridge this gap and increase the chances of success. 

Tailored training

We offer a range of training courses that can be adapted to your business' needs. Commonly, organisations look for training and guidance in the following areas:

  • awareness training: developing your knowledge of ASDs so that you can better understand this client group
  • preparing for work: giving advice and suggestions that will help your clients to best prepare for work
  • marketing strategies: how to market your client group, including presenting a business case to employers
  • job-finding strategies: how to help your client group to find jobs, including different approaches to job finding.


Training usually takes place at your place of work and our trainers will travel to you.

We also run a one-day training course which will help you to better understand jobseekers and employees with an ASD. The course is offered at locations across the UK. If you only have one or two staff who require training, this option is more cost-effective than tailored training.

Find out more

For more information or an informal chat about your organisation's needs, please contact our employment training service. Tel: 0141 285 7117 or email: employment.bookings@nas.org.uk.