The Essential Autism Licenced User Training is a two-day training course that licenses autism experienced professionals to deliver the NAS Essential Autism course to their staff teams.The course involves active involvement by the participants and will equip them with the resources they need for delivering their own Essential Autism courses locally.

What is the NAS Essential Autism course?

Essential Autism, from The National Autistic Society (NAS), is a one-day course which provides an understanding of autism and supportive strategies. It is interactive and equips delegates with strategies that they can take into their workplace. Focusing on autistic perspectives throughout, the session will explore how delegates can adapt strategies to ensure the best possible support and understanding is given.

Essential Autism is based on training that the NAS specialist autism trainers have been delivering successfully to thousands of professionals across the UK and beyond for a number of years. 

The learning outcomes include: 

  • recognising the different experiences and communication of autistic people
  • challenging stereotypes and promoting individuality 
  • encouraging participants to review their own interaction style and environment
  • designing and implementing basic strategies to support and encourage autistic people  

CPD Certified LogoThe Essential Autism course and the accompanying Licensed User training have been certified by the CPD certification service (the leading independent CPD accreditation institution) as conforming to continuing professional development principles. All delegates attending the Licensed User training will receive a certificate of attendance detailing eligible CPD hours which can be used as verifiable documentary evidence when submitting CPD recording forms.

Applying for the Essential Autism Licensed User Training

Essential Autism courses can be delivered by autism experienced professionals who have been trained and licensed by The National Autistic Society as NAS Essential Autism Licensed Users. 

Applicants’ requirements:

  • at least 3 years’ experience of supporting autistic people 
  • experience of training/workshop delivery or public speaking
  • able to use their own autism knowledge and experience when delivering the Essential Autism course, alongside recognising the importance of the autistic perspectives that are fundamental to the ethos of the course
  • submit an application form to apply to become a NAS Licensed User 

Each successful applicant will attend the 2 day Licensed User training. During the course, the applicant will:

- demonstrate active participation
- lead at least one group exercise
- be observed throughout the course and evidence of values base collected
- complete a post-course assessment.

Each Licensed User will receive a copy of the course booklet Essential Autism – what you need to know and a Licensed User Manual. This will include a programme plan, detailed session notes and electronic files with the information and resources that you need for delivering your own NAS Essential Autism course. Please see below for important information about course preparation, delivery and materials. 

On successful completion of the training course, applicants are licensed to deliver the Essential Autism Course within their own organisation having signed a 2 year licensing agreement.

The terms of the License will enable Licensed Users to deliver the training within their own organisation. The License does not permit you to charge your delegates for attending a course.

Post-course learning and license renewal

In order to continue successfully delivering Essential Autism courses locally, Licensed Users will need to;

  • comply with NAS quality assurance process
  • deliver a minimum of two Essential Autism courses per license period (2 years)
  • contribute as members to the Network Autism dedicated group
  • access relevant articles posted on Network Autism 
  • complete an annual professional development report to demonstrate at least 15 hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) over the license period (e.g. activity on Network Autism, attendance at a conference or private study)
  • maintain the necessary insurances and indemnity cover 
  • pay the annual licence fee
  • maintain continued employment with the same organisation


The cost of the two-day Licensed User training is £675 + VAT per person, inclusive of training materials and the initial 2 year licence. Subsequent annual licenses are conditional upon evidence of delivering at least 2 programmes within the initial licensing period, then at least 1 programme on an annual basis. The annual licence fee is £90 + VAT per person.

Booking onto a scheduled course

Individual places can be booked on one of our scheduled courses.  

New dates to be confirmed.

Details of the course timetable and travel directions will be sent when training places are confirmed. Please note that no firm booking can be made before receipt of a completed and approved application form and that cancellation of bookings may incur a cancellation fee.

Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs and these should not be booked until you are in receipt of your offer pack.

If you are interested in applying for the course, please email for an information pack and an application form.

Booking an in-house course

We can also offer this Licensed User Training course at your venue. This will be subject to minimum and maximum numbers, and all applicants would need to fulfil the applicant criteria described above.

Please complete our Training enquiry form for more information and costs about this option.

Essential autism course delivery and materials

Course delivery

Essential Autism courses are delivered for between 5 to 20 delegates, all of whom will receive an accompanying booklet. 

It is a 6 hour course. Suggested timings for the course are 9.30am to 4pm, although this may be altered to fit with your local needs. Recommendations for timings and venues will be discussed during the Licensed User training. 

All Licensed Users must undertake to submit quality assurance data from their courses to The National Autistic Society in order to ensure quality control of the training. This will include attendance records and evaluation forms. 

Course booklet 

The booklet Essential autism – what you need to know supports the course and must be provided to each delegate attending the course. Currently priced at £5, this booklet is a unique resource which compliments the training by providing a collection of experiences, thoughts and advice from autistic adults. These are available to order from the NAS. 

Resources needed

The Licensed User Training Manual will support the delivery of the training. The course itself is delivered to the group using a PowerPoint Presentation, accompanying video clips, workbook and some additional hand-outs. 

Electronic copies of the materials along with master documents are provided in the Training Manual and accompanying USB.

Resources needed include electronic equipment to show PowerPoint presentations and video clips, flipchart and pens, and light refreshments for arrival and break-time.