If you are looking for training for your staff, we offer a range of in-house training on all aspects of autism and autism-related issues, which can be tailored to meet specific learning requirements. No travelling necessary, our trainer will come to you.

Here is some of the training we offer:

Our training is quality-assured material delivered by a quality-assured trainer.

Adult placements

Find out about the support we can offer to autistic people, our referral process and the current placements available. How to access our services.

All referrals to our adult services should come from the budget holder or broker who will be funding the provision.

Autism and homelessness toolkit

The challenges autistic people face in communicating and interacting with others can lead to relationship breakdown and social isolation. This is likely to reduce support networks and create difficulties in accessing help. Family breakdown may be a particular issue for some autistic people.

The Autism and homelessness toolkit is aimed at people working in the homelessness and supported housing sectors in England. The toolkit will familiarise them with autism and give them ideas and strategies on how to support people who are homeless and could be – or are – autistic.

This project was led by Dr Alasdair Churchland, a clinical psychologist, in response to research published in 2018 suggesting that autistic people could be at significantly higher risk of being homeless than the general population. We were members of the steering group and contributed to the toolkit.

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