Our conferences provide a crucial platform for sharing the latest research and thinking on autism. Below you can watch interviews with some of the key speakers from our conferences.

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Autism and ageing

Francesca Happé from the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, talks about how the ageing process affects people with autism. More videos on this topic.


Autism expert and consultant Sarah Hendrickx talks about how anxiety affects everything for people with autism at the Autism and Education conference in Warwick. More videos from this conference.


Prof Gillian Baird, Consultant Paediatrician at Guys Hospital, talks about the challenges of implementing NICE guidelines on diagnosis. More videos on this topic.

Related conditions

Dr Amitta Shah, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Leading Edge Psychology, talks about catatonia and autism. Read more on related conditions.

Autism awareness

Steve McGuinness, NAS trustee, councillor and autism consultant, talks about his work to raise awareness of autism in education and adult social care.

Challenging behaviour

Dr Andy McDonnell, Director of Studio III Clinical Services, talks about autism and behaviour support. Read more on this topic.

Strategies and approaches

Dr Gary Mesibov, Professor of Psychology at UNC School of Medicine, talks about the key strengths of the TEACCH approach. Read more on this topic.


Sandy Bering, Lead Commissioner/Consultant for NHS Trafford on health and well being, discusses what changes to the NHS mean for commissioning.


Stephen Allott, General Manager of Specialisterne Scotland, talks about the company's work with people with autism.

Criminal justice system

Ian Wise QC, Doughty Street Chambers, discusses why families affected by autism come to him for legal support. More videos on this topic.