Award winners hold awards for a group photograph. 

Meet and learn from the best through accreditation. Accreditation is open to any service which provides help for autistic people.

It has been amazing how well some of the policies and documents we have developed as part of the process work across any disability and are improving things for all the people we support.

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Recently accredited services.

Benefits to joining Autism Accreditation:

  • a more autism-focused service
  • increased expertise in supporting autistic people
  • foundation for informing strategic planning
  • better outcomes for the autistic people you support/work with
  • reassurance for families/carers
  • a more personalised service
  • increase in referrals to the service/school
  • decrease in vacancies for placements
  • evidence for commissioning bodies
  • ongoing development for the service/school.

We are able to think beyond what is currently in place and work with individuals and the organisation to develop practice and share knowledge. Not just in the isolation of the organisation but with families, other organisations in the region and the wider National Autistic Society community.

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