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Being me

Being me

Author: National Autistic Society


Format: DVD and CD-ROM
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Being me
National Autistic Society
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National Autistic Society

People who have recently been diagnosed as autistic may have a lot of questions. Being me is a CD-ROM and DVD set with the DVD focusing on people talking about their experiences in a series of short film clips. For professionals, it's a useful way of introducing the idea of the autism spectrum to newly diagnosed young people and adults, and encouraging discussion about what it means to be on it. Many autistic people find that they benefit from visual learning and have enjoyed using the DVD. The scripts for each film clip were written by autistic people.

Being Me is an introduction to Socialeyes. This is a new and innovative approach to facilitating social skills and social understanding with people on the autism spectrum.
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As many people on the autism spectrum enjoy computers and visual learning, this DVD is an excellent way to review the main topics that are constant themes for them.  It offers six individuals comments on their feelings about their lives and abilities, and the tricky question of if or when they should disclose to other people that they have an autism diagnosis.  The DVD also highlights the many positive features being on the autism spectrum can offer, eg excellent memory, focus on a task and attention to detail.

Six people who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum have contributed to this DVD.  The contributors fit into a wide variety of occupations and explain how they have developed strategies for coping with the anxieties that always feature with autism in all its forms. They speak candidly about the impact the diagnosis has had on them and on the effects of living with an autistic spectrum condition.

At the end of the DVD there are other useful website resources for further information.

The accompanying CD-ROM is a series of ten session plans mirroring the topics of the DVD. The session plans offer a structured way of considering each topic and each session follows the same pattern. These can be used by a facilitator or a person choosing to work through them on their own. For facilitators, the resources can be copied onto Word, so they may be edited and adapted to suit individual needs.

Being me would be a valuable resource for staff running an adult social skills group and provides a step-by-step way of introducing and exploring some of the many questions that follow a diagnosis. The CD-ROM can be used on a PC but is also Apple Mac-friendly.

Jan Cole

Parent and Manager of the Adult Services Team, Asperger East Anglia

Being me is a package that comprises a DVD and a CD ROM to be used on a computer. It is part of the National Autistic Society's Socialeyes set of learning resources.

The CD ROM & DVD package provides a range of activities (including videos clips, discussions and worksheets) to be presented to adults or teenagers with high-functioning autism/Aspergers syndrome who have recently received their diagnosis of an ASD. In addition to the worksheets and videos there are session plans and discussion formats to guide you easily through the programme.

Being me is a structured programme which should appeal to those on the autistic spectrum as well as those parents and professionals who are new to introducing an ASD diagnosis to adults or teenagers. Those of you who have had more experience of this nature of work will no doubt appreciate how the carefully selected videos and the activities compliment each other so well: no more searching for the perfect video clip to support your presentation! The content of both the DVD and the CD ROM is very easy to follow and does not require advanced PC skills.

The fact that this material has been designed by the National Autistic Society means that those who intend to use it are able to feel secure that they are presenting some complex issues around receiving a diagnosis of an ASD in a positive, realistic and appropriate manner. 

The use of both written and video material makes Being me a comprehensive resource. Some of the material, particularly the videos could be used for autism awareness training as they provide a rich, varied and personal account of being on the autistic spectrum. There is scope for this resource to be used with individuals or in a group setting.

Overall I would recommend Being me to parents and professionals who wish to draw on the extensive experience of the National Autistic Society to explain what having a diagnosis of an ASD means to recently diagnosed adults and/or teenagers.

Penny Kershaw

Autism manager within a special school 
Specialist teacher for pupils with ASD 
Author of Inclusion in the primary classroom and Inclusion in the secondary school, both published by The National Autistic Society

Being me is an aid for people on the autism spectrum to help them begin to explore and understand what it means to have autism. The pack has a DVD which includes interviews with six men and women who have autism, covering topics such as how they felt following diagnosis, how autism effects their behaviour and social skills, what sensory difficulties they experience and how they perceive themselves, their strengths and their needs.

Everyone who is interviewed has a different story to tell and different things are important to them, although there are similar threads running through each persons experience. The interviews can be watched by topic, with each person making a contribution, or by individual stories, where you get a good sense of each person and what they feel about having autism.

The different topics on the DVD clips are linked to 10 session plans on the CD-Rom, which contains worksheets and triggers for discussion and group work. These are easy to follow and the level of discussion could be adapted to suit the needs of the group. As the programme uses visual material it would be suitable for any young person or adult who may have recently been diagnosed with autism and feels ready to consider what that means to them.

This is an excellent resource that fits together well and offers a solid basis for successful group work. Although not intended as such, it would also be useful as a DVD to support autism awareness training as it is written by people with autism and offers some interesting insights into their lives and experiences.

Liz Hannah
Teacher of children with autism and author of Helping children with autism to learn, It can get better and My friend Sam, all published by The National Autistic Society.

Being me has many useful and versatile features. I have used it as part of the Brighton University MA Autism module, which I teach, and the students who viewed it met it with great interest and enthusiasm.

The subject of autism is both complex and enigmatic and this is underlined in the great diversity of the six individuals featured in the DVD clips. Whilst there is a common thread running through each of their stories, it is their individuality, which is striking, and thought provoking. Having Wendy Lawson contribute was an added bonus, since we had touched upon her work as part of the studies.

The CD-Rom section, with accompanying worksheets, would make an excellent addition to any adult autism study group. The whole package is well designed and structured and, at only £29.35, represents excellent value for money. Parents, professionals and people with ASD will find it both insightful and informative. 

The greatest achievement of Being me is that it allows us neurotypical individuals, a glimpse into the world of what it means to live life with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It is only through education and understanding that we can begin to appreciative the diffability (to use Wendy Lawsons own word) of people with ASD.

K.I. Al-Ghani 

Kay has worked as a special needs teacher for over 30 years. She is mother of a young man who has an autism spectrum disorder. She is author of The red beast controlling anger in children with Aspergers syndrome  and Making the move, both illustrated by her son and available from NAS Publications.


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