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Classroom and playground - new PDF

Classroom and playground

Support for children with autistic spectrum disorders

Author: Prithvi Perepa


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Classroom and playground - Support for children with autistic spectrum disorders
Prithvi Perepa
Published by
The National Autistic Society

This booklet is aimed at teachers and other school staff with little experience of working with younger children who have ASD. The strategies are covered in detail and in point form for ease of reference. Prithvi worked for several years as a regional officer for The National Autistic Society and as manager of the NAS BME project. He has worked with children and adults who have autism both in India and in the United Kingdom.

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This small booklet is aimed at teachers and school staff with little or no experience of working with children who have autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). It is clearly set out, easy to read and provides valuable, practical information for use both in the playground and the classroom.

It begins with an explanation of ASD, explaining not just about the difficulties with communication skills, social skills and flexible thinking but also with the possibility of difficulties in processing sensory input. It then describes how having this disorder affects students in the classroom, with practical ideas of classroom strategies that might be used which are then summarised in a very clear chart.

The second half of the book looks at the difficulties children with ASD may have in the playground and at playtime, again with strategies to try. The book ends with a list of references, recommended reading and useful websites.

This book is aimed mainly at teachers and staff involved with children in the primary range rather than older children. It might also be useful to a more general audience such as those undergoing teacher training and voluntary and youth workers who may well work with children who have ASD.

Carolyn Waterhouse
NAS Advocacy Service Manager

Carolyn is the author of Special educational needs: a guide for parents and carers of children with autistic spectrum disorders; see for details.

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