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  • About autism - explanations, diagnosis, impact, advice and support
  • Community - discussion forum for autistic people, their families and the wider network
  • Research Autism - research, treatments, therapies and services to help autistic people

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Autism awareness
Leaflets and cards with useful information are available to order online in our shop
Asperger syndrome

Asperger syndrome is a form of autism. People with Asperger syndrome may find difficulty in social relationships and in communicating.

Social stories and comic strips
Social stories and comic strip conversations are ways to help autistic people develop greater social understanding and stay safe.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others. Autistic people can have difficulties with everyday social communication, social interaction, repetitive behaviours and sensory issues.

Christmas cards

Your cards should arrive within 14 days of receipt of your order. The quicker you can get your order to us, the quicker we can send you your cards.

Let’s make public transport autism friendly

Find out more about our recent TMI campaign, and how you can take small steps to make public transport more accessible to autistic people.

Christmas cards - Santa Symphony
10 cards - ‘With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year’
Christmas cards - City Ice Rink
10 cards – ‘Season’s Greetings’
Christmas cards - Fox in snow
10 cards - ‘Season's Greetings.’
Christmas cards - Proud robin
10 cards - ‘Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’

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