Our volunteers are an incredible bunch of people. We asked them why they like to get involved. Here's what they had to say.


I remember my mum wanting help but not knowing where to turn to, to get answers to her questions, and that’s why I volunteer for the National Autistic Society's Education Rights Service.

Stephanie Hill


A big thank you to the National Autistic Society for what you did for us, now it’s my turn to make a difference to others.

Helen Ainscough (and her son, Thomas)


Karolina - volunteer

It is rewarding to know that my volunteering improves the lives of young people on the autism spectrum and their families. Volunteering with the Transition Support Service is fantastic!

Karolina Slowinska


I’m really proud I get to support and empower families to raise their children confidently and to the best of their ability.

Sophia Malatesta


Bethan - volunteer

Becoming a Transition Support Service volunteer has been very fulfilling. I was very nervous to take my first call for the service but it was so rewarding to help someone who was desperately seeking information about the services available to them. It's heart-warming how appreciative people are when you are able to lead them in the right direction. It’s definitely one of the things I'm most proud of in my life and it’s made me even more determined to study towards a career in social work.

Bethan Williams


Abraham - volunteer

I like supporting the volunteering team to recruit new volunteers!



Lesley - volunteer

I have been volunteering for the Education Rights Service and Tribunals and Appeals service in Scotland for ten years. It gives me a buzz to know I have helped inform parents of their options in the education system and have empowered them to make sure their child is happy, safe, nurtured and achieving at school. I have also been involved in helping parents to write case statements when they are appealing the unjustified exclusion of their child. Cases have been won and schools have changed practice, thanks to my advice. It has been a really good ten years and I have even won an award!  

Lesley Cherriman


Samantha - volunteer

I started volunteering in November 2017. I have two children on the autism spectrum and have encountered difficulties with education provision and support, like many other parents. I had used several of the National Autistic Society’s services in the past and they've given me so much help and support, sometimes just giving me someone to listen to. I absolutely love my volunteering role, helping other parents navigate the minefield that is education. Offering that little bit of support and being told how much you've helped a family is an amazing feeling.

Samantha Studley