Our volunteers are an incredible bunch of people. We asked them why they like to get involved. Here's what they had to say.

Jay Bansal, Front of House Volunteer

Jay - Volunteer

I am on the autistic spectrum myself and volunteering is a great way to gain experience. Also the work that I do helps with the smooth running of the organisation.

Michelle Bedding, Volunteer at our Thurrock Branch

Michelle - volunteer

My favourite part is seeing the children's faces after we have put on a fantastic event for them to take part in; also I have made so many good friends - we really are just one big happy National Autistic Society Thurrock family.

Teresa Lopes-O'Brien, Volunteer at our West London Branch

Teresa - Volunteer

I love to listen to people's stories, as it gives me personal strength to keep pushing for a better society for autistic people.

Mafalda Reis, Volunteer at our Person to Person service, Glasgow

Mafalda - volunteer

My best moment was when I went with the person I was supporting to the Murrayfield stadium. It was a huge change on his daily routine, going to another city and visiting a stadium. I became emotional when he started asking questions to the guide. He was really pushing his boundaries and I was happy and proud of him.

Matt Lynch, Volunteer at our Dartford and Gravesham Branch and Helen Allison School

Matt - volunteer

Volunteering has allowed me to meet lots of people, develop skills I would have otherwise not, and given me a sense of purpose.

Suzanne Macleod, Appeals and Tribunal Line Volunteer, Education Rights Service

Suzanne - volunteer

Children with autism being treated fairly within education is something I feel passionate about. I feel I am making a difference to not only the individual parents I assist but to the system as a whole. The more parents I can help empower to stand up for their education rights, the more the councils will receive the message that their failures are not acceptable.

Debbie Gibb, Volunteer at our Transition Support Service Scotland

Debbie - volunteer

Love the ongoing training, knowledge and skills I have developed through volunteering. It’s great to hear the feedback from families that they feel the service has helped make a difference and improve things.

Lizzy Barbour, Branch Chair of our Largs Branch

Lizzy - volunteer

I believe everyone should be included in society and I am passionate about supporting families, bringing people together to reduce social isolation and ensure they have access to relevant information. 

Anya Macdonald, Calderdale Branch Volunteer

Anya - volunteer

Volunteering has enabled me to become a positive role model, particularly for younger girls with autism, I want to show them that they can achieve whatever they want to with the right help and support.

Samantha Kahn, Branch Chair NAS Thurrock

Sam - volunteer

I love to meet new parents then look at them after six months. You can see the difference once they realise they are not alone and they are so grateful to be able to come along to family activities where no one judges and stares. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Wendy Janes, Education Rights Volunteer England

When I first started as an eager and anxious volunteer for the NAS Education Rights Service, I didn't dream I'd still be with the service 15 years later – if anything more eager, and definitely far more confident. It's been an absolute privilege to be part of a team of volunteers who offer support and advice to families, giving them the tools to negotiate with schools and local authorities.