The strengths of autistic employees

It is human nature that we all have strengths and weaknesses. Our areas of greatest potential are in the areas of our greatest strengths, which autistic people possess in abundance.

While everyone has different strengths and areas of interest and it is important not to make assumptions about autistic people’s skillsets, here are some strengths commonly associated to autism:

  • focus, accuracy and attention to detail
  • logical/methodical approach
  • different way of thinking
  • reliability and loyalty
  • technical ability
  • excellent memory for facts and figures
  • depth of knowledge around specialist topics
  • resilient
  • the ability to thrive in a structured, well-organised work environment.

The list goes on…

With these strengths in mind, many talented people’s skills are going to waste and could otherwise be utilised in companies like yours.

It is important to establish each individual’s strengths and to help develop and nurture these. Making assumptions about people’s strengths and interests based on stereotypes portrayed in the media could mean that you miss out on other amazing skills or potentially place someone in the wrong job.

While some autistic people may need support and reasonable adjustments in some areas, by focusing on what they are good at, you can have a valued and talented team member working for you.

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We'd love to hear your positive stories of working alongside autistic colleagues. If you have a story you would like to share with us and others please email richmal.maybank@nas.org.uk.

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