1. It’s a record!


We now have our largest EVER team taking part in the New York marathon and you will get to be part of our record #TeamAutism runners. Plus you will make friends in the run up to the marathon and then all be there together in the Big Apple for the weekend.

2. Feel like a rock star

Around 50,000 people take part in the New York marathon each year. Even more impressive, 1 million people come out to spectate and cheer on the runners. Running with another 49,999 runners is thrilling, exciting and adrenaline boosting. You will meet many new people from across the world, motivate strangers and have a blast while you run across the 5 boroughs of NYC for a memorable 26.2 miles.


Running in the NYC marathon is a great way to see the 5 boroughs of New York City in a whole new light. You’ll run through all five boroughs of NYC in one day. For most runners, it’s likely the only time they’ll ever set foot on Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan in a single day—or even maybe in their lifetime.

4. You get to run for something bigger than yourself!


Not only are you running 26.2 miles you are running it for The National Autistic Society as part of #TeamAutism. You will be raising vital funds to continue our work providing information and support to people on the autism spectrum and their families, as well as campaigning for a better and more autism-friendly world. Autism is still misunderstood but with your support and willingness to run in this race for us, you are helping us to get one step closer to helping those with autism. 

5. You are guaranteed a spot in one of the world’s most premiere marathons


To run the New York City marathon most people have to either enter into a ballot or meet one of the New York Road Runner’s very specific qualifications. By joining #TeamAutism, you will be able to bypass them, removing the headache many other runners will face. We want anyone to have the opportunity to run this incredible race!

6. The Food


There is no place to carb load like New York City. Whether it’s a slice of pizza, a plate of pasta, burger, hot dogs or a barbecue binge, New York City offers a wide array of options to those seeking to effectively cancel out the calories burned during race day.

7. The National Autistic Society in New York


We will be flying out to New York with you! You will get a chance to meet the team at a ‘carb-loading’ meal on the Saturday. We will be cheering you on along the route and there to celebrate with you afterwards!


There is a month left to sign up to one of our limited places in the New York marathon which takes place on Sunday 5 November 2017. Become part of our biggest ever #TeamAutism in New York City with another 22 runners and sign up today!

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