Savan is a British Asian autistic content creator who loves to vlog and “dabble” in short films. He raised awareness of autism through his vlog series called “#AutismWithSav” and loves to collaborate with friends and fellow creators too. Savan, who describes himself as a ‘geek’, has particular interests in Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Nintendo, Pokémon and Sherlock. Finally, he loves Japanese culture, including the food, and is learning the language too!

We have been working with Savan since 2017, with him firstly supporting our first week-long Autism Hour across the UK. Savan visited his local shopping centre, which was taking part and vlogged his experience of visiting shops which had made simple changes, like dimming the lights, turning down music, to make shopping more autism-friendly. Since then, Savan has filmed lots of interesting and topical videos which we often share on a weekly basis, and also filmed his reaction video toour new #AutismTMI film, Diverted.

Savan is a great asset to the team, and is always keen to get involved in our national campaigns like Too Much Information. We are looking forward to seeing what content we work with Savan on next.

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