Rosie King and her family 

Rosie King is a writer and public speaker from Wakefield. She is currently studying creative writing at university and wants to go on to teach and support people with learning disabilities, as well as pursuing her career in writing, and speaking.

Rosie and her brother Lenny are autistic and their sister Daisy has Kabuki syndrome. Rosie is passionate about sharing their unique experiences of life and increasing public understanding.

Rosie has delivered a very well received TED talk, has spoken at conferences and has been interviewed widely in the media. She is one of the writers of popular CBeebies series Pablo, and also voices one of the characters.

What Rosie has done

Rosie has worked with our charity in various ways, starting when she was a teenager in our Young Campaigners Group.

In the intervening years, she’s spoken at our Professional Conference, led a Q&A on our Twitter channel, and supported our campaigns. Rosie has worked with us on many media opportunities, including BBC Breakfast and the One Show.

Rosie is a passionate speaker who offers a positive and thought-provoking insight into autism.