Next year we will launch our Autism Inpatient Mental Health Advice and Casework service

In August we teamed up with autistic campaigner Alexis Quinn to hand in a petition with 217,828 signatures to number 10 Downing Street. Our joint petition calls on the Government to end the scandal of autistic people inappropriately detained in mental health hospitals. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition.

Despite repeated promises from different governments, the number of autistic people in mental health hospitals has continued to rise. And we continue to hear disturbing stories of people being detained for long periods of time, miles away from their family - and even restrained, overmedicated and kept in isolation.

We will continue to campaign and encourage the Government to fix this, but we know people need help now. That’s why, with the support of families that have been campaigning on this issue for many years, in early 2020 we will launch our Autism Inpatient Mental Health Advice and Casework service. This service will:

  • provide free information and support to families whose loved one is - or is at risk of being detained - in a mental health hospital
  • offer email and telephone support to help families secure the care and support their loved one needs in their communities 
  • work with our policy and campaigning teams to strengthen the call for change.

Timeline of events

September – October 2019:  Recruitment
November – December 2019: Operational set up and training
January 2020: Service launches 

What do I do if I need support now?

Call our helpline. Our helpline advisers have had training so they can answer your questions, while we establish our casework service. 

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