Christopher was an autistic man who lived in Leeds. He was murdered in his own home in 2016 when he was just 24, by a man who had made it seem like he was his friend. Read Christopher's full story here.

Christopher’s mother had battled for years to get her son diagnosed and then to make sure he got the support that he needed to live independently, safely. In the lead up to his murder, she had again been trying to get him help from local health and care services. 

The murderer has been jailed for life, but we need to understand exactly what went wrong and all the failures that led to Christopher’s tragic death. One chance to do that is by having an inquest, which is happening. In an inquest, a coroner can look at all the issues, like Christopher’s vulnerability, his social care and mental health needs and whether they were met.

So that the full story can be heard, his family needs legal representation. This isn’t provided for them, so they need to pay. We’re backing their crowdfunding campaign so they can meet those costs. By backing Justice for Christopher Laskaris, we hope that the coroner will look at all of the difficulties Christopher and his family faced in trying to get the right help from health, social care and housing as well as looking at the actions of police and probation. We want there to be a clear understanding of what happened to this vulnerable man so that no other autistic person ever faces a similar situation.

UPDATE 18/04/19: The family is keeping their campaign page updated with the latest developments in the case. Christopher’s family is still raising money to fund the case. You can help support them by donating. We have written to Caroline Dinenage MP, Minister for Care, to raise this case with her and call for a full review of what happened.