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The Entertainer is the fastest growing, family owned high street toy retailer in the UK with over 145 stores. With a mission to be the best-loved toy shop - one child and one community at a time. The Entertainer is continually looking for ways to provide the best experience for its customers.

Why is Autism Hour important?

Everyone, no matter who they are, has the right to an enjoyable shopping experience. Autism Hour involves such simple changes that make a huge difference to those on the autism spectrum. It’s something we’re hugely passionate about and we really want to encourage other retailers to become involved which is why we’re very excited to be working with the National Autistic Society and even sponsoring this year’s Autism Hour to help raise further awareness of the initiative. 

Have you taken part previously?

Having taken part in the Autism Hour in 2017, The Entertainer felt passionate about introducing something similar on a more frequent basis. With The Entertainer priding itself on being somewhere for children to explore their imagination and become inspired by all of the toys available it hoped by introducing an initiative of its own, more families would feel confident when it came to shopping in its stores.

With this in mind, The Entertainer trialled its own Quiet Hour throughout February half term in 2018 where the music in all of its 145 stores was turned off for the first hour of opening. The initiative was really well received by customers in store and on social media. Here’s just a couple of things families had to say about their experience…


Wow this is just amazing... my son, who is 16 now, has Asperger’s...he copes well now but when he was younger loud noises and lights would cause stress. Thank you and well done.


Awesome! Fantastic gesture. Shopping is so difficult when you have a child or adult with ASD as it's complete sensory overload.

This is life changing for some of us.

As a result, The Entertainer introduced the activity on a permanent basis and a Quiet Hour now takes place every Saturday morning in all stores with the news being spread via its social channels and over 33 pieces of coverage spanning national, consumer and trade media. 

What prompted you to get involved with Autism Hour? Why is it particularly important to you?

We want all children and families visiting our stores to feel as comfortable as possible so that they can enjoy exploring their imagination and their favourite toys and games without worry. We love to see children laugh, smile and light up when they enter our stores and enjoy the magic of our toy shop. It’s for this very reason why we are dedicated to working as closely with the National Autistic Society as possible to ensure we are providing the best possible environment for those with autism. 

How will you be participating in 2018?

In addition to The Entertainer’s own Quiet Hour which takes place every Saturday morning in all stores, we are also sponsoring this year’s official Autism Hour and working with the National Autistic Society to encourage as many retailers to become involved in this great initiative. 

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The National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour, supported by The Entertainer