Landscape shot of McGuinness family sitting at a harbour


I’m Christine McGuinness, model, TV star, ambassador for the National Autistic Society, and most importantly, mummy to three amazing children.

My children are autistic, and this means we do things a little differently in our house. We plan days out way in advance and simple things like popping to the shop for a pint of milk can cause chaos.

What does make things easier for my children is when shops and businesses are taking part in Autism Hour. This means the shops are committed to making adjustments instore so it is less overwhelming for autistic people, as well as sharing information about autism with their staff- this can be a life saver for families like mine.

Autism Hour is a brilliant way of showing shops how easy it can be to make little changes that have a huge positive impact for families across the UK.

As a mum to autistic children, it is my job to protect them and help make a world which works for them. Like any other family, we want to have the option of going to shops, to go clothes shopping with them and let them pick out clothes and experience a fun family day out - something that people often take for granted.

I really hope that lots of shops get involved, and that everyone makes an effort to learn something about autism during Autism Hour week.

Christine McGuinness

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