You can use the personalisation settings on The National Autistic Society website to filter information to suit you. Just click on the 'Personalise' button in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

You might also find it useful to read about the nations' versions of the website.

How does it work?

Every time we create a page on this website, we tag it for one or more particular audiences. For example, if we write a page aimed at parents of children with autism, we will tag it as being of interest to them. If a page might be of interest to everyone (or to two different audiences, like parents of children with autism and adults with autism), we will tag the page that way, so all the people who might be interested in the page can see it.

Why have we done this?

As the website is so big, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of information. Personalising the website is a way to show you the information that you're most likely to be interested in.

We know lots of people with autism get overwhelmed by the amount of information on our website, and this is just one of the ways we have devised to help you. If you are an adult with autism, you can personalise the website to suit you and make it easier to find information relevant to you.

What if I belong to more than one group?

If, for example, you are a parent and a professional, it's probably easiest not to personalise the website, or to browse separately under each of these filters.

You will always be able to see the full range of information on our website by clicking on the 'Personalise' button at the top of the screen, then clicking on 'Reset options'.

What if I want more detail?

Our online service Signpost asks you to enter some basic information, then presents you with personalised information from the Autism Services Directory that is relevant to you.