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Type of service: Occupational Therapists (independent), Training providers, Training providers

Independent Occupational Therapy service for children, based in Glasgow but takes referrals from any location. Uses a variety of standardised assessments, non-standardised assessments and play to assess a child's sensory processing, sensory modulation and motor skills and how these underlying difficulties can impact on activities of daily living (self care, academic work and play/leisure), behaviour, social skills and emotions. Uses a sensory motor based approach to treatment in addition to offering practical advice and programmes to maximise a child's independence in activities of daily living. Trains education staff on how sensory and/or motor difficulties can affect a child in school and strategies to address these difficulties. Is able to visit the child's home or nursery/school.


Age: From age 2 to 18

Aimed at: Adolescent , Child

Gender: All genders

Registrations & Approaches

Specialisms: Has autism-specific elements, Staff and volunteers get autism awareness training

Other specialisms: Challenging behaviour, Learning disability


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Lucie Fontana - Occupational Therapist

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0141 419 9156 / 07971 613265

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