Cartoon illustration of a group of people

October 2019 marked the 100th edition of the Spectrum magazine! The Spectrum has been going strong for 26 years - showcasing the autistic spectrum in all its glory through articles, poems and artwork.

Our 100th theme, 'socialising and loneliness' inspired some brilliant content, which you can read here!

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Recommended reads

Mark's article on his love of Morris dancing (and why he thinks it might be the perfect hobby for autistic people) was definitely a must-read!


"I’m performing at gigs I’d never thought I’d play at. I find being a morris musician wonderful — I stand at the front of the dancers, absorbed in what they’re doing and making the music fit them while my music makes them dance better. Again, I often find myself in a meditation type state. I’m working with them, interacting, but not having to socialise deeply."

By Mark