By Matt

Although I’m 28, I’ve never had a pet of my own, but have grown up with pets around me.

Throughout my childhood I grew up with my nan’s dog, Cindy. A black poodle, she was affectionate and would run to you no matter who you are, or whether or not she knew you. Cindy, as I say, was a very affectionate dog, she’d intuitively know when something was wrong, or if you were having a down day, and she’d be glued to your side: Cindy would follow you, cuddle up to you and without fail I’d always feel better quickly.

During my early teens I was in and out of foster homes all of whom had pets of some sort ranging from dogs (Shih-tzus) to snakes, tarantulas, guinea pigs and even chickens — yes, chickens. Although I’ve not had a pet of my own I’ve felt like I did, as I took responsibility for these animals, all of them, even the tarantulas, and I’m an arachnophobe!

Recently I had a dream about having a pet. I looked into the meaning of dreams and one book that I found states that a dream which contains pets mirrors the instinctive ability to nurture plans and ideas that are close to one’s heart, so we can develop them with love and affection.

Thinking out of the box and putting it into my life at the moment, the definition above I can relate to, as I have plans at the moment: I’m starting an Open University course in art and languages, an access module, but the plan is afterwards to go and do, a degree (BA, Honours) in Arts and Humanities. It refl ects my interests really well and I can totally relate to it.

One day I will have a pet, I don’t know what, maybe a dog, but I’m sure I will have a pet one day. If I do have a dog I feel very strongly that I’ll more than likely get a Rhodesian ridgeback or a standard poodle — I love these breeds.

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