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Welcome, humans and other animals!

From cats, dogs, pigs, chameleons, horses and human beings, animals have been a popular theme throughout the history of the Spectrum magazine.

In issue 98, our ‘pets’ edition, our readers wrote about their pets, and the comfort that animals can offer in a confusing and stressful world. A particular favourite feature was Vanessa’s letter on being a real life ‘Crazy cat lady’ and why she and her husband need ten cats!

With this in mind, we’ve cultivated our very own ethically sourced online safari park of creature features, poems and artwork from past and present issues. No animals were harmed in the making! 


paw print icon Vanessa's letter on being a self-confessed 'Crazy cat lady' - issue 98

blue paw print icon 'My life with animals' by Ruth – issue 93

paw print icon 'Jack Haslam, printmaker' by Jack - issue 73

blue paw print icon 'My life with Asperger syndrome and horses' by Genevieve – issue 43

paw print icon 'A foreign language' translated by Steve - issue 46

blue paw print icon A Pride of Poems

art symbol with paw print inside Animal artwork


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