By Jehovian 

Extraterrestrials. Do they exist?

Many people say no, but, equally, quite a few (such as myself) say yes. Why? Because the notion that we, human beings, are the only natural and intelligent beings in the entire and limitless Universe is quite beyond my credulity and comprehension. I cannot conceive of a Universe in which ETs do not exist. Therefore I take it for granted that they do exist, like many other people who accept the reality of ETs, as a given.

With respect to ETs, there are many narratives regarding their nature. Not only in respect of their deduced existence (as above) but there are also narratives from (human) witnesses who claim to have encountered them (and to have encountered their spaceships). These latter narratives are predicated upon the reality of ETs having visited planet Earth, where they encountered us, human beings. If ETs do exist then there is no intrinsic reason why they cannot have encountered us! 

If encounters between ETs and human beings have occurred, then they must have occurred here on planet Earth - namely the only place in the Universe where we are to be found. We human beings are the only natural, intelligent beings native to the whole of our Solar System. Therefore, ETs encountering us here on planet Earth must have travelled from other stellar systems. Either in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, or from some other galaxy altogether. This, then, demonstrates that ETs have perfected the means for intra-galactic or inter-galactic space travel. This means that those ETs who have visited us must be possessed of some very advanced science and technology. Compare them with us human beings, who have only been able to travel as far as our satellite, the Moon, and who must be endowed with vastly superior knowledge and intelligence compared to that of us, human beings.

In many ways we human beings are very primitive and lacking in true intelligence (witness our inability to establish a stable, commensal relationship with our natural environment: to the contrary, we, needs-must, make our relationship with the environment exploitative). No matter, we certainly have developed a highly efficient and effective method for propagating our species. 

Indeed, such a method that is widespread throughout nature, especially in most areas of the animal kingdom (of which, of course, we are a part), namely, sexual reproduction. Given the manifest success of sexual reproduction as a method of propagating ourselves, it would not be surprising if ETs (their being so much more intelligent than us) should use the same method for reproducing themselves. And if ETs can comfortably exist here on planet Earth, when they have visited us, why should they not then have had sexual intercourse between themselves here, as well as their having had sexual intercourse on their own planets and on their spaceships? I believe that there is no reason to suppose that the contrary is true.

So, if ETs and we human beings use the same method for reproducing ourselves then why should not ETs and human beings have sexual intercourse between themselves? I can see no reason why not, at all! After all, there is a precedent set for such a practice, here in the animal kingdom on planet Earth. A precedent of cross-species reproduction which produces a hybrid species. Namely, the mating of a horse and a donkey, which produces a mule.

My belief is that ET-human matings did happen, which left a component of ET genetic material in the human gene pool. And that this component has been progressively passed on (through normal human sexual reproduction) from generation to generation. Getting, in the process, progressively more and more attenuated. At this point I wish to state the following: namely that, in two crucial aspects, ETs are, were, different from us. They are of an entirely different species and of an entirely different animal kingdom, and are vastly more intelligent than us. Unlike us human beings they are, were, replete with knowledge and we’re woefully deficient in wisdom!

This is where Asperger syndrome (and other forms of high-functioning autistic spectrum disorders) come in...

I have AS. I believe that one of the principal reasons why I have this disorder is that I have inherited a significant element of ET genetic material, which means that, mentally and interpersonally, I am not completely human. I am actually partly ET.  And that means that ordinary human beings (that is, neurotypicals) are rather alien to me. And vice versa. So it is not surprising that I, and they, have mutual difficulties in social interaction. And just why we have such difficulty in understanding one another, for we are of different species and of different races. Finally, of course, ET genetic inheritance would explain the higher-than-normal intelligence of the human being with AS. 

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