Dear the Spectrum

I enjoyed the Doctor Who special! It was good reading Laura’s article and the story about Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and the little girl with autism very nearly made me cry. What lovely people they are, and what a lucky little girl! I’ve watched (and loved) all the episodes since the relaunch, but only fairly recently have I started watching from the very beginning. I’m onto the second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) now, but William Hartnell as the first Doctor was amazing. A bit like watching your own, rather eccentric, grandfather travelling through time. Plus, you have to love the fluffed lines, wobbly sets and man-in-a-costume aliens! So far Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are my favourite pairing: the Amy Pond storyline was brilliant. I miss her so much!

In her article Kim was wondering why the Doctor is so popular with Aspies. I wonder if it’s because he’s an alien. When he visits Earth he doesn’t really understand humans and their emotions. The human companion is always there to provide the emotion in the stories. I think us Aspies probably relate to him feeling like a stranger amongst people, in his case a literal alien.

On a different note, I read the plea from Tim about the Asperger support group in Essex. I’ve always found the idea of an Asperger social event to be a bit of an oxymoron. Maybe you can’t get your members to attend social events because they have a social disability and wouldn’t enjoy social events - I know that I personally avoid them like the plague! Maybe you could send out an email or letter to all of your members asking if there any activities they would like to do, maybe in smaller groups? I hope you can get some sort of advice from other readers.



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