Student achievements

Girl staring into the camera

Achieving and celebrating

Every child at Robert Ogden works hard to reach their goals, and we always celebrate their effort and their achievements. We have many ways of doing this, from the informal praise and support we give your child each day, to more formal ways of recognising special achievements, whether large or small.

Reward systems are tailored to the needs of individuals or groups, with some young people needing instant rewards for good work while others being able to work for longer to earn a visit or a special treat.

We have a success board where good work is displayed, and we hold achievement assemblies to celebrate success together. Your child’s class has a rewards system, and our end of term rewards trip is class based.

Moving on

Moving on from school presents changes and challenges to most young people, particularly if they have a diagnosis of autism. We are always thinking of new ways in which young people at Robert Ogden can make the best use of their strengths in the working world. And we celebrate everyone’s achievements in transition, every step of the way.