School life

Radlett Lodge is a small school with just 55 pupils. This means staff and pupils get to know each other well. We develop trusting relationships which in turn make sure that our young people are equipped to make their own choices in life and have the chance to be as independent as they want to be. Watch our video to see what a day at our school is like.

At Radlett Lodge we celebrate the achievements of all of our pupils and recognise that what some might see as a tiny step can be the biggest of challenges. Every Friday, we have a special assembly for the whole school where we mark individual celebrations (birthdays, academic or social success, personal developments) as well as cultural and public celebrations, considering how they reflect our British values.

Life at Radlett Lodge is always fun. We have a distinct sense of community and helping children and young people feel they belong both in the school and in our wider community is highly important to us.