People in their onesies

“It's so fun taking part in a collection! I got to dress up in a silly costume, meet loads of wonderful people and raise money for such a good cause! I heard stories from so many people of their autism, their friends, parents, siblings, pupils… Many told me of the ways the National Autistic Society had helped them, which made me feel so proud to be standing there collecting on behalf of the charity.”

Caroline, World Autism Awareness Week 2017 collector

Would you like to volunteer at a station collection?

The World Autism Awareness Week 2017 station collections have already taken place this year and we are absolutely amazed by how many of you wanted to take part! The level of enthusiasm that you brought to the collections was incredible and this resulted in so many more people learning about autism. The collections also managed to raise over £15,000, which is just phenomenal!

If you would like to take part in a World Autism Awareness Week 2018 station collection then please contact

Alternatively, you can organise your own collection for World Autism Awareness Week 2018! We will be letting you know the dates soon!

Organise your own collection

Bucket collections are a great way to spend time with friends and family, while making a huge impact on the lives of autistic people. You’ll be amazed at the generosity of your local community when it comes to supporting a worthy cause.

You can try collecting at your:

  • local supermarket
  • local train or bus station
  • workplace
  • local community centre.

Be sure to get permission from your local authority well in advance if you’re holding a collection in a public place.

Top tips and important information for bucket collections

Buddy up 

Collecting for the first time can be daunting so a great way to get the most out of a collection is to get into pairs or small groups. You can take turns to shout out and will have someone to talk to when there’s a quiet spell in your area. Plus, it gives you time with your friend for the whole day! 

Stand out

Nothing says “I’M HERE” more than standing in a onesie or a fancy dress costume. 

World Autism Awareness Week is all about helping to fundraise and raise awareness, until everyone understands. You can help to spread the message by sporting our newly-designed t-shirts while you collect!

Three people wearing Stand out for autism t-shirts

Enjoy yourself

You are doing a truly wonderful thing by giving up your own time to help support the lives of autistic people. We hope that you feel good about taking part and that you enjoy yourself while you collect! 

Dos of collecting

  • Find somewhere to stand where you can be easily seen by the public.
  • Be informative, don’t be afraid to shout out facts about the charity you’re collecting for or let people know what the amazing cause is!
  • It can be hard to keep going and stay positive. Not everyone will stop and give you money, but try and keep at it, for eventually it will pay off.
  • Make sure you take regular breaks, collecting can be very tiring and can easily wear you out if you don’t take the time for a cup of tea and a cookie!

Don'ts of collecting

  • Unfortunately not everyone will donate or be friendly but it’s SUPER important to not be rude. You will be representing the charity.
  • Don’t hide yourself away. If people can’t see or hear you, how will they donate? Be vocal and visible – you’ll raise a lot more that way.
  • Whatever you do, don’t hassle people. It makes everyone involved feel uncomfortable and it doesn’t make yourself or the charity look good.

Get permission

To collect funds in the street, house-to-house, or in any other public place, you will need a license from your local council. Be sure to get permission from your local authority well in advance if you’re holding a collection in a public place.

Most councils have details of how to apply for a license on their website.

How to pay in the money you raise!

Once you have collected all the money, there are several ways you can send in your donations.

  • Call our Supporter Care team on 020 7903 3570 to request a paying in slip, which you can use to pay in your funds at any Barclays Bank.
  • Make a cheque payable to ‘The National Autistic Society’ and send it to The National Autistic Society, 393 City Road, London, EC1V 1NG. Please include a note with your name, address and the reference “World Autism Awareness Week bucket collection”.
  • You can donate over the phone by calling 020 7903 3570.

To sign up to do a bucket collection for World Autism Awareness Week, please contact our Supporter Care team on 020 7903 3570.