Right now, we know that lots of autistic people and their families are struggling to get food. Delivery slots are limited and supermarkets have new and confusing rules about how you shop or how many items you can buy. We’re working hard to get supermarkets to understand their duties in supporting their autistic customers, and have raised your questions with the Government.

In the meantime, we’ve made a list of different ways you can get food, which we will be updating when we receive new information:

Most supermarkets are back to normal delivery capacity. However, if you want to shop instore, you can find a links to details of supermarkets’ social distancing rules below:

In-store social distancing rules 
Marks and Spencer

Food boxes:

A food box can be a good option if you need a regular delivery because you can’t get out. There are lots of suppliers to choose from, but it is worth bearing in mind that your choice of products may be limited. You can find a list of companies here. 

Volunteer support:

If you can, ask friends, family or neighbours who are well to go out and get food and other essentials for you. If you do not have others to help you, there may be community groups or mutual aid groups who can help in your area or your local shops may be able to provide orders for delivery (by phone or by email).

If someone is going to the shops for you, most of the major supermarkets have ways you can pay for your shopping, such as e-vouchers or gift cards. You can buy these online and the person shopping for you can use them in store. To find out about payment options, visit:

  • your supermarket’s website
  • UK Finance (the collective voice for the banking and finance industry)

You can also get support from a volunteer through the NHS Volunteer Responders programme. Call 0808 196 3646 to ask for help with food, prescriptions and essential items.
If you’re really worried about where to get food and think you’re at risk of running out, contact your local authority to find out what support services are available in your area. No one should be left without.

The Government have also published information about getting food on their website.

What we’re doing to tackle problems

We know that autistic people and their families are having lots of problems getting food at the moment. We’ve written an open letter to the supermarkets telling them what they need to do to make sure autistic people and their families aren’t being left behind. For updates on the campaign, sign up to our campaign emails.