The National Autistic Society’s Cullum Centres help students on the autism spectrum get the support they need to thrive in a mainstream school setting.

With generous financial support from the Cullum Family Trust, the National Autistic Society and Surrey County Council are developing purpose-designed and built specialist centres in four mainstream secondary schools in Surrey. The centres will provide specialist support from trained staff, such as learning in small groups and therapies, and a calm setting to retreat to.
The NAS Cullum Centres will be operated by the individual mainstream schools and pupils will spend the majority of their lesson time in the mainstream school itself. Every NAS Cullum Centre will follow MyProgress®, the National Autistic Society’s methodology to an autism-specific education. 

The National Autistic Society will also provide:

  • school-to-school support
  • support with recruitment
  • support with induction training
  • Autism Accreditation registration support 
  • one of our School Improvement Advisors.

The Centres will provide specialist support allowing students to stay in mainstream Surrey schools nearer to home. Each Centre will be unique to each school.

The four Surrey schools planning to open NAS Cullum Centres are:

The Centres have been established as a model of support, and their impact will be evaluated, so the lessons learned can be shared.

If successful, we will look to form other partnerships, so that similar centres can be rolled out in schools across the UK.

Admission to a school with an NAS Cullum Centre

For all details, information and advice on the admissions process visit the Surrey County Council website: and