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Exploring the social world with autistic people

Author: National Autistic Society


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SocialEyes - Exploring the social world with autistic people
National Autistic Society
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National Autistic Society

We are currently in the process of updating the SocialEyes CD-ROM resource pack. We do not have a timescale for this work to be complete yet, but will post any updates on our website as soon as they are available.

SocialEyes is a well-established approach to supporting autistic people’s social understanding and coping strategies. If you want to lead SocialEyes programmes, this resource pack is for you. It includes social scenario clips, a comprehensive user guide, adaptable PDF worksheets, session plan summaries, photo cards and much more.

The SocialEyes programme is for individuals or groups and can be adjusted as needed. It’s delivered though a five step process, in sessions of between 45 minutes and 2 hours, over a number of weeks or months.

SocialEyes does not ask autistic people to change how they interact or to copy the ‘typical’ behaviour of others. Instead, it gives people the option to understand more about other people’s social interaction, and develop strategies to cope with stressful social situations.

The programme focuses on eight of any of these areas that autistic people can have difficulty with: understanding yourself and your autism, developing social and communication strategies, the social world and your community, starting conversations, ending conversations, taking turns, sensitive topics, personal space, eye contact, volume of voice, active listening/interrupting, keeping on topic/interests, understanding emotions and body language.

The programme and materials have been developed with autistic people and leading professionals, and have been extensively piloted, with ongoing development and research since 2005.

We also offer SocialEyes Facilitator Training, which will support you in understanding how to use the resource and run successful groups.

"I have been looking for something of this quality for a long time. Clear and well-structured with a brilliant DVD. The students are really enjoying it and learning a great deal." Maria Prosser, ASD specialist teacher, Cathays High School.
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"The SocialEyes series is a much needed and very much researched resource... I am excited by this series and honoured to have played a role in its production." Dr Wenn Lawson, Author, Psychologist and autistic person.

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