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Autism Hour

Our week of autism-friendly shopping is back! It’s when shops and businesses dim their lights and reduce the noise to help create a calmer atmosphere for autistic shoppers. Our amazing friends at The Entertainer are sponsoring it for a second year and hold Autism Hours every Saturday throughout the year.

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Mother and two daughters in The Entertainer toy shop

Icons - trolley, basket, plane, book etc

Why is Autism Hour important?

Find out more about Autism Hour and the difference it makes to autistic people. 

Man and young boy in Arsenal Football Club shop

Autism Hour stories: Arsenal

Luke, Disability Officer at Arsenal FC, on the club's goals for this year's Autism Hour and their campaign to support autistic fans.

Photo of George (Campaigns Officer) on purple background

Autism Hour stories: George

George Stanbury, Campaigns Officer at our charity, explains why Autism Hour is so important.
'ABC' Autism Hour feedback card on purple background

Feed back to your local shops

Let businesses know how you found this year's Autism Hour why they should take part again next year.

Icons of shop, pencil and open envelope with letter

Ask your local shops to sign up

We've prepared a letter for you to fill out and send or hand in to your local shops, asking them to take part in Autism Hour.
map of UK and shopping icons

Find your local Autism Hour

Find out which shops and businesses are taking part in your area with our online map.


Autistic woman paying at the till in a shop

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Register your interest now to hear exclusive updates from us and find out more about Autism Hour.

Headshot photo of smiling woman, turquoise background

Autism Hour stories: Christie

Christie, Manager at The Entertainer shop in Cwmbran, tells us about her store's regular Autism Hour...

'Five reasons Autism Hour is more than just 60 minutes' text above 5 clock icons in a row

Why Autism Hour is more than just 60 minutes

Why not take the next step and host Autism Hours all year round?

Christine and Paddy McGuinness (NAS ambassadors)

Autism Hour stories: Christine McGuinness

Christine McGuinness explains why you should encourage local shops to sign up.

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
Last updated: 08/10/2019 10:14:34