Teen Life Programme

This licensed user training is for professionals looking to support parents and carers of young autistic people aged 10 to 16 years through our Teen Life programme. Choose a training option below.

About the programme

Teen Life is our six-session programme for parents/carers of young autistic people aged 10 to 16 years. 
The aim of the Teen Life Programme is to bring parents together to share information, experiences and ideas in a structured way. Teen Life emphasises the importance of autistic perspectives, with a variety of videos and quotes used throughout the sessions.

The Teen Life programme aims to empower parents and supporting professionals to understand more about how autism is experienced by autistic teenagers. Topics covered include understanding autism in teenagers, women and girls, self-esteem, spending time with other people, stress and anxiety, behaviour, puberty, independence skills, education strategies and planning for the future. A Teen Life Programme Book will be provided for each family to accompany the programme.


Our programmes

EarlyBird (under five years), EarlyBird Plus (ages four-nine) and Teen Life (ages 10-16) are support programmes for parents and carers, offering advice and guidance on strategies and approaches for supporting young autistic children. Both programmes work on understanding autism, building confidence to encourage interaction and communication, and understanding and supporting behaviour. EarlyBird Plus is the only autism family support programme which specialises in children aged four to nine and focuses on a consistent approach between home and school.

Are you a parent or carer interested in the programme?

If you are a parent or carer looking to join the programme, you can find a local team that delivers it near your area. Please see our online directory here.

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