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Social Stories™

A workshop delivered by Dr Siobhan Timmins, Certified Social Stories Trainer, to support people in understanding how to develop and use Social Stories™.

About the training

If you are looking to learn how to develop and write Social Stories – using the latest criteria, developed by Carol Gray – then come and join our Social Stories TM 10.3 Workshop!

The workshop will be delivered by Dr Siobhan Timmins, who as a member of Team Social Stories™, has been authorised by Carol Gray to deliver Social Stories training nationally and internationally.

Delivered using Microsoft Teams, the workshop aims to give you insight into the history and theories that underpin Social Stories, the importance of context and social understanding, and teach the ten criteria to follow for developing your own Social Stories.

The course will be delivered to a group of approximately 20 delegates. As we have limited availability on this course, to try and ensure fair access, we will be asking individual organisations to only book a maximum of 5 places on a specific course.

What are Social Stories?

Social Stories™ were developed by Carol Gray in 1990, and are now a respected evidence-based practice used worldwide with autistic people of all ages. 

A Social Story is a story that shares social information with an autistic child or adult in an accessible way, respectful of their different perspective and interpretation of the social world. It is written in a specific way according to ten defining characteristics (the Social Story criteria) which guide it to be meaningful, safe, patient, non-judgemental and reassuring. Social Stories describe anything and everything in life.
A Social Story’s aim is to improve the child or adult’s understanding by simply sharing social information. With improved social understanding clarity and predictability is established and anxiety is diminished.

About the workshop

This Social Stories 10.3 workshop will be delivered across 2 sessions; over two separate days. The training runs from 9.30am - 1pm on both days with regular breaks. There is some pre-course reading to be completed before attending, which should take approximately 20 minutes.

Materials for the course will include the pre-course reading, Social Stories 10.3 workbook and an accompanying Handout File (PowerPoint PDF). 

Using Microsoft Teams, Siobhan will deliver the workshop live online to approximately 30 delegates.  This will include delivery of the presentation as well as supporting delegates through tasks in their workbook. There will be dedicated points during the workshop to ask questions, and we will also use the chatbox function on Teams for questions and feedback from tasks.

This workshop is for those who are working on behalf of one or more autistic children, adolescents, or adults. If new to the approach, participants will discover the ever-expanding versatility and value of this incredible instructional strategy. For those already familiar with Social Stories, this workshop will update their understanding and improve their Story writing skills. Participants who complete the workshop will receive a Social Stories 10.3 Certificate.

Training times

The training runs from 9.30am - 1pm on both days with regular breaks.

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