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At work

Voluntary and paid work are a vital part of life for many adults, enabling us to use our talents and participate in and contribute to wider society. 

We help you build the skills you need for work, and support you, for example with coaching, CV writing and opportunities in social enterprises.

Support worker and autistic man in office

Everything you need to know

Looking for Work

Looking for work

Here to support you with job applications, CV writing and interviews. We’ll help you find the role for you.

Autism at work

Autism at Work Programme

Our flagship employment programme for employers to create accessible employment opportunities.

Hospitality/HB Cares Programme

Hospitality/HB Cares Programme

Work experience and employment opportunities within hospitality.

Support worker showing leaflet to young man and his mother

Advice about work

Guidance for autistic adults about the world of work, careers services and bullying in the workplace.

Young man filling in forms

UK employment services

We can support you with job applications, from CVs to interviews. We'll help you find the role for you.

Autism at work

Virtual workplace assessment

For employers to identify the best ways to support autistic employees to achieve their full potential.

Autistic employee and her manager

Information for employers

Find out about workplace assessments, newsletters and Autism Friendly Employer Awards.

Employment training icon - people talking to each other across a table

Employment training

Interactive virtual training delivery for autistic people in work and their employers

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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