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  • Person to Person
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  • Person to Person: a mentoring and befriending service for people in the West of Scotland

    Person to Person helps autistic adults to:

    • reduce their social isolation
    • live more independent lives
    • build their social, communication and life skills
    • gain confidence.

    We currently offer four coffee clubs for autistic adults where they can build meaningful relationships with others and a mentoring service which can be done either face to face or over email.

    What is mentoring?

    A volunteer mentor meets the person either once a week or once a fortnight and they work towards a goal together. This could be using public transport, putting together a CV or learning to cook.

    How do I access Person to Person support?

    To apply for the service please complete this form.

    Fill in the form

    If you have any questions about the Person to Person service, you can email

    Person to Person is available to autistic adults (aged 26 and over) who live in Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, West Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire.

    Social programmes

    Two thirds of autistic people in Scotland told us that they feel socially isolated when we were carrying out research as part of our Too Much Information campaign. Our social programmes are just one of the ways that we’re tackling this.

    Read Kevin's story about his experience

    We run groups that get together regularly and provide members with opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences. The sessions are facilitated by a social programmes manager and team of volunteers, with members deciding where they want to visit and what activities they want to try. Recent groups have gone bowling, enjoyed boat trips and even taken cookery lessons!

    As well as helping to develop social skills and making friends, joining a group can support:

  • increasing in confidence
  • using public transport
  • using money
  • decision making
  • turn taking
  • personal presentation
  • healthy eating
  • staying active
  • socialising with people outside the family
  • participating in the local community
  • These groups are currently available for autistic people aged 15 and over in:

  • Glasgow
  • East and West Dunbartonshire
  • Edinburgh
  • Dundee
  • We also have a group in Ayrshire for those aged 12 and over.

    I always absolutely love getting together with the guys and every time we change to a new month the first thing I always think to myself is, "Great, I've got the social group again this month!" The group always cheers me up no end.

    - Social group member

    Since the group my son is much happier with himself. He told me ‘I look forward to when I go out with my friends that are just like me.

    - Social group member’s parent

    How do I join?

    We now use a system called ClickGo to support our services. Please complete the form on the ClickGo enquiry page to apply.

    Apply now

    Some of our social programmes require a small annual payment. You might be able to access certain benefits to support this.

    Please note that our social programmes are not suitable for those who do not have independent travel arrangements or who require personal care.

    Spaces on our programmes are limited – if your local group is full we’ll add you to a waiting list.


    Teenscene is a supported youth group in East Dunbartonshire. It offers a safe, structured environment in which to make friends and develop social skills.

    Teenscene is available to autistic young people aged 12-18 who live in East Dunbartonshire. A member of the Teenscene team will visit you at home before your first group, so that you can get to get to know us and learn what to expect.

    I appreciate this social group so much. My son still gets lonely at times but without this group things would be so much worse.

    - Teenscene Parent

    How do I join?

    Teenscene is funded by East Dunbartonshire Council, and is currently free to access. To join, phone 0141 777 3311.

    If you have any questions, email or phone 0141 221 8090.