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It is very important to help each other during this time of uncertainty; we know that lots of autistic people and their families were already at risk of social isolation so now more than ever there are things you can do to help.

Below are some safe and easy ways for you to help your autistic family member, friend or neighbour.

Whether helping them with the shopping or just giving them a call, it can all make a difference in stopping autistic people becoming even more isolated, alone and depressed.

Help explain the changes

Many autistic people struggle with change, especially unexpected ones. If you are cancelling a social event or activity because of the new social distancing guidelines, please ensure you clearly explain why the event can’t go ahead to autistic people. Use clear language and set out if you will be reorganising it or doing it in a different way. If you don’t know right now that’s ok – don’t try and be reassuring by saying things like ‘I’m sure we’ll be able to reorganise soon’ if you can’t commit to that.

Keep in touch

Many autistic people might feel even more isolated due to the restrictions being put into place. Many people will have had their social groups and support changed or cut back so will be relying on friends and family to look out for them. Please make sure you schedule a regular call with them ensure they are ok. Check how they would like to be communicated with – email, phone, video call.


Groceries stores will be much disrupted during the next few weeks - long queues, lots of noises and too many people around might be too much for some autistic people. Please ask them if you can help by picking up their shopping or organizing a delivery for them. Some autistic people have more limited diets and may need help ensuring they have enough of specific items to get through this time; would you be able to pick up one or two of a special item or food for them when you’re doing your own shopping?

Support us

Like many charities, we're feeling  the impact of coronavirus  on our income and we  are making some incredibly difficult decisions  regarding  our information services. We need you now, more than ever  to ensure we can continue to be there for all autistic people and their families.  Together, with your support, we will  get  through this.  If you’re able to, please  make a donation  today.